Whatever Manufacturing has over 50 years of combines experience in the machining industry.  Our team is well versed in metals, plastics as well as composite materials.  

Whether you need one special machined part, or hundreds of parts per week, we can meet your requirements with state of the art CNC turning and machining centers. Machining to tight tolerances is what we do on a daily basis.  

The following equipment is available to run your jobs.

C.N.C. Machining Capabilities    
1 Fadal Mill 50 x 20 x 20 with rigid tapping
1 Fadal Mill 40 x 20 x 20 with rigid tapping & extended z,
2 Fadal Mill 30 x 16 x 20 with rigid tapping
1 Fadal Mill 30 x 16 x 28 w/ extended z, fourth access, & rigid tapping
1 Fadal Mill 20 x 20 x 16    
6 High Speed C.N.C. Turning Lathes  
  capacity exceeding 15" diameter x 20" length  
Conventional Machining Capabilities    
1 Bridgeport mill with Digital Read Out  
1 Lathe 16 x 40 with tracer, Digital Read Out, & travel dials
Miscellaneous Equipment      
2 Vibrator Parts Tumbler    
1 Parts Washer        
1 Vertical Band Saw      
1 Horizontal Band Saw      
8 Drill Press        


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